I am the daughter of a King. I try to live daily remembering how truly loved I am by my Heavenly Father. I’m so blessed to be married to my middle school sweet heart. We dated for what seemed like forever and have been married for 20+ years! It has truly been the most amazing marriage and I look forward to many more years with this man, who completely has my heart. Together we have three boys; Caleb, Silas and Zachary. We are among the few that absolutely adore this season in life. Teenagers are just so full of life and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have a house full of laughter and wrestling matches! We love it! We love living in the little city of Panama City, FL. Just about 20 min from the World’s Most Beautiful beaches and we seriously could not ask for a more beautiful place to live!

Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. Even when my boys were tiny I would dress them in matching clothes (which I do not recommend, lol) and I would take them out with my little camera and pose them oh so perfectly. I would photograph nature and anything that looked interesting and caught my eye. I loved how I could capture exactly how I see this beautiful world through my camera lens. It didn’t take long for this love of mine to shine for others to see. Eventually I was so busy shooting for friends and family, for free, I was forced to charge because of the amount of time I was putting into this hobby of mine. So I guess you could say, my photography business fell into my lap back in 2009, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I love this job so much and feel so blessed to be able to use this gift to bless others.

I love to be happy and I love to make others happy. Doing life together is really what it’s all about. Kindness makes me happy; I feel like people are my purpose in this life, so I do my best to throw blessings around any chance I get. Coffee makes me happy! But I think the thing I love most about coffee is that it’s just a little tool to do life with people in the sweetest way….meeting friends at the local coffee shop just to chit chat for a bit, sitting on the back porch with my husband to talk about our biggest dreams together, reading my bible and talking with my Heavenly Father. It’s just all a little sweeter with a cup of coffee in my hand. Working with people just like you makes me happy! During your session we’ll laugh, smoosh, hold hands, snuggle and laugh some more. I want every session to be custom to you and your family. So as we plan your session, I want you to bring your ideas and your dreams to the table! I want to know who you are and what you envision your session being like. Every family is different, unique, and I want your session to be uniquely yours! You bring what makes you “you” and I’ll bring what makes me “me” and together we will plan the most beautiful thing.